OurSouq 1600W Vacuum Cleaner Multi Colour VACUM CLEANER

170,00 د.إ



Sparkling clean floors, happy hearts, and kind to your wallet? Yes, please! Introducing the OurSouq 1600W Vacuum Cleaner, your budget-friendly superhero against dust, dirt, and pet hair.

This multi-color marvel packs a powerful 1600W punch, blasting through debris on carpets, rugs, and hard floors. It’s the lowest price in UAE, making it the perfect choice for value-conscious cleaning warriors.

Why choose the OurSouq 1600W Vacuum Cleaner?

  • Budget hero: Clean doesn’t have to be expensive. This vacuum cleaner is your wallet’s best friend.
  • Suction champion: 1600W motor conquers even the toughest messes, leaving floors spotless.
  • Cleaning chameleon: From carpets to hard floors, upholstery to crevices, this vacuum tackles it all with ease.
  • Shake up your routine: Ditch the drab, choose from vibrant colors to match your cleaning vibe.

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