Sinbo Bagless Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner – Sinbo SVC 3459

175,00 د.إ



Stop the mud, hair, and scratches! Mpow’s budget-friendly boot liner shields your car from even the messiest adventures with your furry friend. This UAE-made wonder, at the lowest price you’ll find, boasts a 4-layer fortress against dirt, spills, and paw prints. Think waterproof wonder: a premium cationic jacquard top hides a secret weapon – a PVC membrane – for unbeatable liquid defense.

No more slipping and sliding. Anti-slip rubber grips the floor like a champ, while bumper flaps shield vulnerable paintwork from enthusiastic doggy leaps. Sidewalls get love too, with protective extensions keeping scratches at bay. Installation? A breeze. Adjustable buckles secure the liner in seconds, while lengthened flaps hug your boot’s shape like a comfy glove.

But Mpow’s magic goes beyond just protecting your car. Imagine your pup lounging in plush comfort – the glue-free cotton padding makes this the cuddliest car hammock ever. Need backseat snuggles? Simply fold the liner in half, transforming it into a luxurious doggy throne. Versatility? Check.

From SUVs to estates, Mpow’s generous size (72.8″ x 40.6″, plus side flaps) swallows up almost any boot. Think VW Tiguans, Ford Focuses, even BMW X3s – this budget hero has them covered. So ditch the dog-hair tumbleweeds and scratched bumpers. Mpow’s boot liner, at the UAE’s lowest price, is your ticket to clean car zen and happy pup adventures. Don’t wait, unleash the pampering!


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